Enjoy the Care of a Family Dentist in Phoenix

We all strive to do the very best for our families, especially when making choices about their health care. When considering dental care, choosing a family dentist who has the skill and training to care for everyone in the family has a number of benefits.

Care for all ages Everyone from grandparents to tots can visit the same dental practice for regular cleanings and exams. This helps the youngest family members understand the importance of good oral care practices. It also relieves potential anxieties they might have about their own visits when they know everyone in the family sees the dentist. When treating multiple generations of the same family, it is easier for the dental team to be aware of potential hereditary factors that could affect individuals’ oral health.

Convenience You will be able to save both money and time when everyone visits the same dentist. When all appointments can be made for the same day and the same location, you will miss less work and spend less on gas. With the busy schedules of today’s families, fewer errands to run is an important advantage to seeing a family dentist.

Personal Care When the entire family spends time in the dentist’s office together, a personal relationship is formed with the entire dental team. You will be comfortable asking questions and discussing dental concerns. Your children will be able to enjoy care from familiar, trusted dental friends. If they were seeing a pediatric dentist, when they reached a specific age, they would have to visit a different provider and receive dental care from a stranger.

Partners in oral health At Biltmore Dental Center, long-term relationships and communication are important; the team develops a partnership with each member of your family to establish oral health goals that you will achieve together. Dr. Frost is a popular family dentist in Phoenix. He is rated as #1 on Dr. Oogle, out of 322 dentists in Phoenix. The Consumers’ Research Council has named him as a Top Cosmetic Dentist in Phoenix. Talk of the Town has bestowed an “excellence in Customer Satisfaction” award on him for the past three years. If you want the consummate level of care for your family, call (602) 704-0659 and schedule appointments today.