Do You Need to See a Specialist in Phoenix for Root Canal Therapy?

An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in disease and injury to the tooth pulp, root, and surrounding tissues. Root canal therapy is a treatment for endodontic distress. Does that mean that you must see an endodontist if you need root canal treatment? Not necessarily. Dr. Sameet Koppikar and his team at Biltmore Dental Center in Phoenix are well-qualified to handle most root canal treatments in-house. You receive top-quality care in a familiar atmosphere, from the staff you already know and trust.

Root canal therapy is a means to save a tooth where a large area of decay or trauma has allowed bacteria to reach the interior pulp chamber. The center of the tooth is rich in blood vessels and houses nerves (in root canals) that allow you to sense bite pressure and temperature. When bacteria infiltrate this area they cause infection and inflammation. A toothache may build gradually or occur intermittently. In most cases, though, you wake with acute pain and swelling of the face or jaw.

Causes of Injured Pulp

The root canal process has an undeserved bad reputation. Actually, infection and pressure in your tooth is the cause of your pain. Root canal therapy releases pressure and relieves pain, quickly.

The dentist may start you on a course of antibiotics and provide pain medication for immediate aid. Then your mouth is numbed in the area of the abscessed tooth. The tooth is opened, and the damaged structure is removed. Soft tissues are cleaned from the pulp chamber and root canals, and these areas are thoroughly sanitized. The tooth is sealed with a rubber-like membrane. A lovely porcelain crown restores the appearance and function of the tooth. The crown also adds strength and protects the tooth from further damage.

The procedure is delicate, but from the perspective of the patient, feels like getting a filling. Because Dr. Koppikar utilizes CEREC technology, the crown can be made in-house, while you wait. That minimizes your inconvenience for follow-up visits.

Be assured that your well-being is a top priority at Biltmore Dental Center. If your case is very complex or Dr. Koppikar has any other concerns about root canal treatment, he will get you out of immediate discomfort and provide a referral to a trusted endodontist in his professional network.

There’s no need to endure toothache pain or fear the root canal process. Call (602) 704-0659 for an appointment with the gentle team at Biltmore Dental Center.