Dentist in Phoenix Talks About a Surprising Benefit of Veneers

Dental veneers are thin layers of strong, lustrous porcelain. They are precisely fabricated to fit over the front surfaces of anterior teeth (the ones that show when you speak and smile) to disguise a variety of imperfection. Veneers hide stubborn discoloration and chips, cracks, pits, and bumps in tooth enamel. They improve the look of teeth that are worn down or have an unusual shape. In some situations, Dr. Sameet Koppikar of Biltmore Dental Center offers veneers to patients in the Phoenix area to fill another need – nearly instant “straightening.”

Truly crooked teeth have a negative impact on your bite and oral hygiene. They cause teeth to wear prematurely and can trigger headaches and TMJ. They are also more difficult to brush and floss properly, so they contribute to tooth decay and gum disease. That level of malocclusion should be corrected with traditional orthodontics or Invisalign clear aligners.

Your teeth, though, could have small gaps or overlaps, a bit of twisting, or uneven alignment. It doesn’t influence bite, but it surely does affect your self-confidence and satisfaction with your smile. As an adult, you may not be enamored with the idea of wearing braces for a year or two to get the cosmetic improvement you desire. That’s when Dr. Koppikar comes to the rescue with porcelain veneers.

He takes time to understand what you’d like to change about your smile. If misalignment is relatively minor, he preps the teeth by removing a very small amount of surface enamel. That allows veneers to stay snugly in place and look natural. He uses images from an intraoral camera and impressions of your teeth to design veneers that will make your smile look straight and even. This information, along with details about coloration, is sent to professional dental laboratory where the veneers are fabricated.

You return in about two weeks to have fit adjusted (if necessary), and the veneers are cemented into place. You leave with a smile that looks naturally straight – without wearing braces for a single day. Dr. Koppikar also provides instructions on how to care for your new smile to ensure that your veneers last a long time. You receive advice on brushing and flossing and how to avoid dislodging or breaking a veneer by biting into hard objects. The doctor may also recommend a night guard.

Every smile is unique and every patient’s schedule and budget is different. Porcelain veneers are just one of the options Dr. Koppikar offers to meet your needs. Call (602) 704-0659 today to become a Biltmore Dental Center patient.