Dentist in Phoenix Gives Patients New Teeth in One Day

Teeth play an incredibly important role in your overall wellbeing. They are designed to perform as a set, allowing you to bite and grind nutritious foods for good digestion. They allow you to speak clearly, without a lisp or unexpected spittle. A full set of teeth also looks terrific, giving you a smile you can flash confidently. When a tooth (or several) are lost, their companions shift out of position. The result is uneven wear, jaw strain, headaches, and challenging hygiene. Dental bridges are a form of restorative dentistry that reestablishes those vital functions. Because Dr. Sameet Koppikar of Biltmore Dental Center believes patients in the Phoenix area shouldn’t have to go a day without restored smiles, he provides “teeth in one day” technology.

Dental Bridge Basics

A dental bridge is an artificial tooth called a pontic. It is held in place at the site of a missing tooth by crowns bonded to adjoining teeth. The bridge is fixed in position to close the gap unnoticeably and reinstate your ability to chew and speak. A dental bridge is sound, conventional dentistry to restore a single missing tooth or up to three consecutive teeth.

Getting a Dental Bridge

The traditional dental bridge procedure typically involves these steps:

  • Your comfort is ensured with thorough numbing in the treatment area.
  • Teeth on either side of the gap are reduced and shaped to eventually hold crowns.
  • Impressions are taken of your mouth.
  • The impressions, measurements, and shading instructions are sent to an offsite dental lab.
  • Anchor teeth are protected with temporary crowns while the lab fabricates your bridge, but the gap from the missing tooth remains.
  • You return in about two weeks. Interim crowns are removed, the bridge is fitted and adjustments are made (if necessary).
  • The bridge is bonded into place.

The “Teeth in One Day” Difference

Dr. Koppikar has invested in CEREC technology, which allows him to design and create your dental bridge, in house, in just one day. In addition to impressions, he takes three dimensional images of your mouth. Robust software uses that information to design your bridge digitally. Instructions flow to a chairside milling machine, where the prosthetic is precisely carved from a monolithic block of tooth colored porcelain while you wait. Additional shading may be added to match existing teeth. You walk out the door with a restored smile and renewed self confidence!

More than 28 million CEREC restorations have been placed, and long term studies show that their strength and durability is comparable to conventional fabrication methods. Why wait weeks, when you can have teeth in one day from Biltmore Dental Center in Phoenix. The number is (602) 704-0659.