Dentist From Phoenix Offers Pediatric Dental Care Tips for Parents

A child’s smile is a beautiful sight. Caring for an infant or child’s dental needs can be a challenging experience for many parents. Dr. Frost and our gentle dental team at Biltmore Dental Center know that parents have questions about when and how to begin a dental regimen that can lead to a lifetime of good oral health and a beautiful smile.

When should a child first visit the dentist? Recommendations by the American Dental Association suggest that a child should visit the dentist by the age of one. In addition to the doctor performing an initial evaluation and helping parents understand proper flossing and brushing, this visit allows the child to become familiar with the doctor and his team. When a child is in a welcoming and friendly environment, he or she will be more relaxed and attentive when learning healthy habits. Dr. Frost at Biltmore Dental Center understands a pediatric patient’s specific oral health and dental needs and knows how those needs will evolve throughout childhood and adolescence.

Oral hygiene and caring for a child’s teeth should start prior to the emergence of the first tooth, because even before teeth are visible, they are developing beneath the gums. Some dental care tips include:

  • Gently wiping the gums with a dampened, clean cloth will reduce bacteria
  • Your dentist can recommend an infant toothbrush and appropriate toothpaste that can be used once baby teeth erupt
  • Flossing can start after the infant has two teeth next to each other
  • Once brushing begins, it is important to reduce the risk of swallowing toothpaste
  • A two year old should be able to spit out toothpaste after brushing
  • Any child under six years of age should be carefully monitored and encouraged when brushing

Parents are encouraged to ask our team for information about childhood dental problems such as cavities and decay, bottle mouth, orthodontia, and appropriate diet. Dr. Frost and the team at Biltmore Dental Center, serving Phoenix and surrounding communities, love caring for our littlest patients and their families for generations to come. Call us today at (602) 704-0659.