Conquering the Fear With Sedation Dentistry Services in Phoenix

Just imagine walking into a beautiful dental office and being greeted by friendly, professional staff members. You enjoy the inviting atmosphere of the reception area for a short time before entering the treatment room where you settle down and relax in the comfortable dental chair… Yes, we said relax. If you think that sounds impossible, you are not alone. Countless people in Phoenix and other cities around the world find themselves in the grip of dental fear every day, which is why we offer a solution.

A Pleasant Dental Experience Is Possible

Sedation has long been used to help medical patients relax and feel more comfortable, but dental patients have historically been denied this benefit. Even today, a high percentage of dental offices offer no sedative options beyond nitrous oxide (often called laughing gas or sweet air). Although nitrous has a mildly relaxing effect, it is not sufficient for the truly phobic patient.

At Biltmore Dental Center, we have a trained dental anesthesiologist who administers sedative medication, and monitors the patient throughout treatment. The medicine induces a pleasant, dream-like state of tranquility and relaxation, even for high-fear patients. When combined with gentle dental care delivered by compassionate professionals in a warm and welcoming environment, our patients soon discover that dentistry is nothing to fear. It can be a stress-free, and yes, even pleasant, experience.

Additional Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Is sedation dentistry only for the fearful patient? No! Every day, more and more people are discovering the many ways that sedation can make dentistry more comfortable and convenient.

  • Prevent dental chair fatigue – Sedation allows you to relax your muscles, making the entire experience more comfortable
  • Calming effects – In addition to dental fear, sedation can help patients with a strong gag reflex. Also those who have trouble sitting still, and those who have claustrophobia
  • Time passes quickly – Hours can seem like minutes
  • Amnesic effects – Many people have little to no memory of the visit
  • Fewer dental appointments – For all of the reasons listed above, sedation allows us to complete more dental work with fewer office visits

Discover the benefits of gentle, caring treatment and sedation for yourself. Call us at (602) 704-0659, and schedule an appointment today.