Comfortable Care and Dental Sedation in Phoenix, AZ

You are probably aware that dental anxiety is real. As you are aware this apprehension keeps hundreds of men and women in the Phoenix, AZ area from keeping their mouths in good condition with regular checkups. You understand that dental phobia leads to large scale oral problems and averts vital treatment. You realize that because of dental fear, these individuals may never know the social benefits and self-esteem boost that comes with cosmetic dentistry. But did you know that dental sedation can help patients overcome their fear of the chair?

Comfortable Dental Experience With Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Sameet Koppikar and his team take extra steps to make sure each patient is comfortable. That experience begins with your first call to Biltmore Dental Center. You are greeted by a friendly voice; a real person who has compassion for your concerns and handles the details of your appointment with soothing competence. Our reception area is designed to further the calming effect with comforting colors, temperature, scent, sounds, and amenities.

Of course our treatment rooms are clinically clean and modern, but you will sink into an ergonomic chair. We invest in up to date equipment and training to deliver unparalleled dental treatment. Dr. Koppikar and his hygienists are known for their gentle touch, from initial examination throughout even the most complex procedure. They take time to answer your questions and provide as much (or as little) detail as you’d like. You won’t feel rushed.

Together, you and Dr. Koppikar will decide if dental sedation can ease your anxieties and help your treatment progress smoothly. To ensure the highest level of safety and effectiveness, sedation is administered by a Board certified dental anesthesiologist. This trusted associate determines the appropriate dosage and monitors your vital signs and well-being throughout sedation.

Popular Option

Oral conscious sedation is a popular option. You simply take a pill the night before and another the morning of your appointment. A friend drives you to Biltmore Dental Center and home afterward. You are awake but unconcerned about the sights, sounds, and smells of dental treatment. Some patients doze off, and most have little recollection of the visit the next day. If any at-home aftercare is required, you are given unhurried instructions and reassured that Dr. Koppikar’s advice is only a phone call away, should you have further concerns.

Are you searching for a practice in the Phoenix, AZ area where you’ll get comfortable care and the option of dental sedation? Just call (602) 704-0659.