The CEREC system is a new technology in dentistry used to create dental crowns that are extremely esthetic in just one dentist visit. The CEREC dental crown system offer many benefits compared to the standard method of getting crowns.

The normal process of getting crowns involved the patient having to bite down a paste and wait till it hardens in order to get an impression of the teeth. This impression is sent to a dental lab to create the crown, which will be sent to the dentist after two weeks. With CEREC however, the impressions are taken with a high resolution digital camera in just a matter of minutes. The images are then converted to a three-dimensional model by a software design program.The dentist can make changes as necessary to meet the patient’s needs.

In addition to this, patients getting a crown had to wear a temporary crown until the permanent one was ready. Afterwards, they had to go back for another visit after several weeks to have the permanent crown placed. The CEREC system uses the dentist’s design and creates the dental crown on a ceramic block by using the in-built milling machine. After roughly 15 minutes, the restoration will be ready.

Another benefit of CEREC is that the dentist can make changes to the crown in minutes and the patients can get the crown placed in one visit. With the standard method, however, if there is a problem with the crown, it has to be returned to the dental lab and the patient will have to wait for even longer to get it.