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Uncategorized   •   July 28, 2014

Phoenix-area dentist explains which patients might consider dental veneers

Many Phoenix area patients feel that their smile is their greatest asset. When meeting new people their smile shows their personality and puts others at ease. When coming home from a long day of work their smile greets their family. And, their smile is used to laugh at jokes, provide comfort, and make connections when […]

Uncategorized   •   June 6, 2014

An experienced dentist is key to successful root canal therapy in Phoenix

Root canal therapy has an erroneous reputation as one of the most dreaded procedures in dentistry. In truth, root canal treatment relieves the pain caused by pressure, inflammation, and infection inside the tooth. Once the discomfort is under control with antibiotics and pain medication (if necessary), the process feels about like getting a filling from […]

Cosmetic dentistry   •   June 2, 2014

How a cosmetic dentist in Phoenix can help you reach your full potential

We are taught from an early age not to judge others by their appearance. To look beyond exterior flaws for inner goodness. It is one of the characteristics that sets an advanced culture apart from one that has not yet reached a high level of human empathy. Yet the simple truth is that appearance matters. […]