A Phoenix Smile Restoration Option to Enhance Unattractive Teeth

Many people have healthy teeth free from cavities or disease, but slight misalignment, permanent stains, or other flaws can still spoil their smiles. Dr. Sameet Koppikar and his skilled team at Biltmore Dental Center have found that porcelain veneers can be an ideal restoration method for solving many esthetic dental concerns.

A New Smile in Just Two Appointments

Veneers are truly a fast track to a stunning smile. After the initial consultation, just two appointments, one for preparation, and one for placement, are all that is needed. Beautiful, long-lasting results can be achieved quickly and easily using lustrous porcelain veneers. The doctor’s skills, artistry, and use of top quality materials are responsible for many of the stunning smiles seen in Phoenix and the neighboring areas. Veneers are extremely thin, hard, lustrous porcelain sheaths that are bonded to the front surfaces of teeth to change the appearance of their angle, shape, spacing, color, or size.

A few things to remember

  • Dental insurance typically does not cover treatments that are solely for cosmetic purposes.
  • If conditions such as gum disease, significant misalignment, or decay are present, they will need to be treated before the veneers can be placed.
  • If a person clenches or grinds their teeth (bruxism) a mouth guard may be needed at night.
  • Veneered teeth need to be brushed and flossed just as natural teeth do.
  • The treatment is not considered reversible, because a small amount of enamel needs to be removed from the teeth to accommodate placement.
  • Veneers can be chipped or cracked by habits such as chewing ice, biting fingernails, and opening packages with your teeth.

Other Options Are Available

Although porcelain veneers are terrific in many situations, the doctor provides a wide range of cosmetic and restorative services. Teeth whitening, gum contouring, bonding, white fillings, inlays, onlays, discreet orthodontics, crowns, and more are offered to meet the needs of all patients.

Don’t just dream of having beautiful teeth, call Biltmore Dental Center today at (602) 704-0659, and schedule an appointment to discover which cosmetic restoration options can give you one of those stunning Phoenix smiles you’ve been longing for.