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Dentist in Phoenix (85018) explains the symptoms of gum disease

By Dr. Koppikar | May 17, 2017 explains the symptoms of gum disease

Are your gums healthy? Most people would probably answer that question with a “yes.” However, statistics show that nearly half of all adults in America suffer from gum disease. How can this be? One of the most common reasons is that gum disease is an insidious condition. It may be slowly destroying your oral health, while causing no pain and showing little to no visible signs.   Gum disease begins with bacteria and other microorganisms, which are naturally present in the mouth. Plaque is constantly forming, clinging to the teeth and soft tissues. Ideally, regular brushing and flossing removes the … Continue reading

Dr. Sameet Koppikar makes dentistry convenient for Phoenix

By Dr. Koppikar | Dr. Sameet Koppikar makes dentistry convenient for Phoenix

For many reasons, the value of your smile cannot be overstated. It seems as if dental care would hold a place near the top of anyone’s priority list. However, we realize that often this is not the case. With today’s busy lifestyles, there simply aren’t enough hours in a day, or enough days in a week. Something has to go; meetings are postponed, and appointments are cancelled. All too often, dental care is sacrificed.   Unfortunately, dental problems tend to be progressive. The longer you avoid seeking help, the more extensive dental work you may need. You might be envisioning … Continue reading

Cosmetic dentistry in Phoenix: Treatment options for gapped teeth

By Dr. Koppikar | Treatment options for gapped teeth

Ideally, teeth should be straight, white, uniform in shape, and spaced evenly. Although few people are naturally blessed with flawless teeth, quality cosmetic dentistry can give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Even the most beautifully shaped teeth can form an unattractive smile when there are one or more noticeable gaps. At Biltmore Dental Center in Phoenix, AZ, we offer several treatment options for this problem.   What causes gaps between teeth?   A gap or space between two teeth, known as a diastema, is most common between the upper front teeth, but it can occur anywhere. It is usually … Continue reading

Myths about treatment for root canals in Phoenix

By Dr. Koppikar | Myths about treatment for root canals

“You need a root canal treatment.” Those are the words that patients often dread hearing their dentist say. If you believe that “root canal” is synonymous with pain, you are not alone. It is a common myth, widely perpetuated in Phoenix and around the world. Yes, we said myth. The fact is that today’s root canal treatment has a success rate well over 90 percent, and it is extremely comfortable.   What root canal treatment is   The procedure is actually very similar to a simple tooth filling, except it goes deeper. A filling involves removing diseased hard tissue from … Continue reading

Veneers in Phoenix can rejuvenate your smile with minimally invasive treatment

By Dr. Koppikar | Veneers in Phoenix can rejuvenate your smile

Humankind has appreciated the beauty of a nice smile since ancient times. However, it was not until recent years that we had the ability to make cosmetic corrections. Thanks you the wonders of modern cosmetic dentistry you can change anything that you dislike about your smile. Porcelain veneers, available at Biltmore Dental Center in Phoenix, are one of the most popular ways of accomplishing that.   What are veneers?   A dental veneer is a very thin layer of porcelain that is applied to the visible tooth surface. Veneers are actually very durable when they are bonded to your teeth. … Continue reading

Be prepared with dental emergency situations in Phoenix

By Dr. Koppikar | May 9, 2017 Dental Emergency Solutions Phoenix

Dr. Sameet Koppikar and our team at Biltmore Dental Center believe that prevention is the best treatment of all, and we offer a number of preventive services in Phoenix. Comprehensive exams, professional cleaning, fluoride treatments, sealants, patient education, cancer screenings, and more, help protect the oral and overall health of our patients. Unfortunately, even with the best professional and at-home oral care, a dental emergency can occur at any time. A well-stocked dental first aid kit can provide temporary solutions to many issues. Phone number – It is important to have Biltmore Dental Center’s phone number readily available so you … Continue reading

Avoid the need for emergency dental care in Phoenix AZ with a custom mouth guard

By Dr. Koppikar | Emergency Dental Care Phoenix AZ

It is estimated that up to 39 percent of dental injuries are sports related. Dental injuries are extremely common among both children and adults who play sports. Knowing what to do in the event of an injury can minimize the damage. When a tooth is knocked out, there is a chance of saving it if you can see the dentist quickly. The doctor can repair minor fractures and chips with bonding material. Lost crowns can often be cemented back over the tooth. We have several articles offering tips on how to handle dental emergencies until you can receive professional care. … Continue reading

Avoiding an emergency trip to the dentist in Phoenix AZ

By Dr. Koppikar | Emergency Dentist Phoenix

A knocked out (avulsed) tooth is a common but frequently preventable condition that can send Phoenix AZ patients to their dentist seeking emergency care. Some of the most common ways a tooth can be knocked out and measures to prevent it are: Biting on hard food or objects – Chewing on ice, eating hard candy, opening bottles or packages with your teeth, and cracking nuts such as pistachios are all ways teeth can be knocked out. Although these behaviors typically cause fractures or chips, they can also cause the loss of a tooth, especially if the supporting structure is compromised … Continue reading

See a dentist – not the ER – for the best, affordable emergency dental care in Phoenix AZ

By Dr. Koppikar | Affordable Dental Care Phoenix AZ

For dental emergencies in Phoenix, AZ call a local family dentist. Dr. Koppikar at Biltmore Dental Center will provide fast, affordable emergency dental care, usually at a much lower cost than a visit to a hospital ER. A growing, worrisome trend in the United States is people with dental emergencies going to the ER for non-injury related issues such as impacted teeth or advanced gum disease. Typically, a patient will postpone a dental visit until they exceed their pain threshold and believe the only remedy for urgent care is a trip to their local ER. Broken or abscessed impacted teeth … Continue reading

Phoenix dentistry’s preventive dental care reduces emergency calls

By Dr. Koppikar | Prevention For Dental Emergency Phoenix

Emergency room (ER) doctors call dental patients the bane of their existence. The doctors there lack the training and tools to solve dental problems. Many patients do not get the preventive dental care they need, and it results in emergency visits to a hospital ER for pain relief. Unfortunately, the most that these doctors can do is to prescribe pain medication and possibly antibiotics, then send patients on their way. The source of the distress remains until the individual visits a dentist. As the economy continues to impact Americans, there has been a sharp rise in people visiting hospital emergency … Continue reading

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