Why would I need a root canal procedure?

There is probably no dental procedure more dreaded than the infamous root canal. These days however a root canal is a relatively easy treatment to go through. Compared to the horror stories of the past, most patients are surprised at how quick and stress-free root canals actually are.

The problems that lead up to someone needing a root canal are in reality more painful than the actual root canal. But with the right dentist who has the right skills a root canal itself can be a painless experience.

So why would someone need a root canal? Root canals are done for one main purpose: to save a patient’s natural tooth. A deep cavity can infect the nerve of a tooth and cause an infection that can spread to the jaws – and eventually your whole body. The only option to treat the infection and save the tooth is with a root canal.

A root canal procedure enables the dentist to remove the cavity and decay that has infected the tooth. The nerve and blood supply in the root of the tooth is also removed to make sure all the bacteria have been debrided from the tooth. The disinfected roots are then packed in with a rubberized plastic seal. Finally, the tooth is restored to full esthetic function with a dental cap or dental crown.

A root canal procedure leaves the tooth brittle and susceptible to fracture. Therefore a dental crown is placed over the root canal tooth to strengthen it and reduce the risk of tooth fracture. So a root canal is essentially comprised of two procedures: 1. The process of disinfecting and filling the root and 2. Placing a dental crown over the tooth. Root canals get rid of tooth pain and save the natural tooth. So patients don’t have to go through tooth extractions and the added costs of dentures, bridges, or dental implants.

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