The Benefits of Traditional Braces in Phoenix AZ

Although the clear aligner systems for straightening teeth continue to grow in popularity, they are not the best choice for some patients. There are advantages and disadvantages to both traditional metal braces and the clear aligner systems. This is why it is important to visit an experienced doctor, such as Dr. Sameet Koppikar of Biltmore Dental Center in Phoenix AZ for a braces consultation.

Dr. Koppikar’s trained eye will make sure that your smile functions properly in addition to looking great. He offers several options for straightening your teeth, clear aligners, traditional braces, and Six Month Smiles. After conducting a thorough examination, including x-rays, the doctor will be able to recommend the best option to meet your goals. There are a number of reasons that clear aligners may not be right for you:

  • If extensive tooth movement is required, clear aligners may not be able to accomplish the task. Only traditional orthodontics can complete certain movements.
  • When small teeth need to be moved, there may not be sufficient surface for the aligners to grip securely enough to produce the required movement.
  • Repositioning molars is challenging because of their extremely strong roots. It can take longer for clear aligner trays to move the teeth than it would for traditional orthodontics.
  • Tooth movement with clear aligners is much gentler and more subtle; therefore, it can take longer than traditional braces to accomplish the same degree of movement.
  • The series of clear aligners are created in advance of the treatment process. If there is a possibility that the movement may not progress as expected, traditional orthodontics may be the better choice. They can be adjusted by moving a bracket or bending a wire. If this occurs with the aligner system, a new series of trays may have to be made, and the treatment redesigned.
  • Since the trays are removable, some patients have a tendency to forget to wear them, which dramatically impacts treatment time. In addition, the aligners can be lost; many have been thrown out with lunch trays. It can take two weeks and additional expense to replace one, delaying treatment. The aligner system may not be the best choice for forgetful people.

It is important to have an honest discussion with Dr. Koppikar, and keep an open mind about the potential treatment options. Modern metal braces are lighter, faster, more comfortable, and more effective than those of the past were. Call (602) 704-0659 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Koppikar today to learn which method may be best for you to achieve that coveted beautiful straight smile.