Visit The Dentist, Earn Awards!

This program is available for all current patients.

Take care of your dental health and earn awards for attending dental appointments, completing treatment plan services, referring your friends and family to Biltmore Dental Center, and more!

Sign up for FREE and immediately start earning awards through the SmileInspire app.

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Types of Awards:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Elite Hotels & Resorts
  • Local Shopping & Groceries
  • Restaurant Discounts
  • Brand-Name Merchandise
  • Dental Care Services

How You Earn With SmileInspire
Exchange Smile Bucks for Awards on Our App

Friends & Family Invitation – $5
Earn Awards for inviting friends & family

Join SmileInspire – $10
Welcome to the Awards program

Initial Exam – $25
Complete your first dental visit

Dental Appointment – $25
Book and keep a new dental appointment

Clinical Cleaning – $50
Complete a hygiene cleaning

Referral Award – $100
When your friend becomes a patient

Join Dental Plan – $100
Sign up for the Membership Dental Plan

Completing Dental Care – $50 – $1000
Complete your dental care

Awarded Smile Bucks Do Not Have Actual Cash Value

Need Help or Want to Learn More

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