Smile Makeover

Any person who is dissatisfied with certain aspects of their smile can opt for a complete smile makeover to address this issue. Before undergoing a smile makeover, patients need to ask themselves a few questions such as are their teeth crooked; are their teeth stained or discolored; are their teeth properly shaped; and so on. If the answer to them is no, a smile makeover may be the solution.

In order to address, minor misalignment with teeth, dental veneers can normally be given to address the problem. Furthermore, veneers can be used to address gaps between teeth, chipped or broken teeth, discolorations and stains, and misshapen teeth in order to give a smile that is virtually flawless. If there is a tooth that is severely damaged, a porcelain crown will normally be used to restore and add strength to it. This restoration covers all the visible areas of a tooth to conceal any imperfections. When looking for a way to address a tooth that is missing, a dental bridge can be used to replace it. However, a better choice when it comes to replacing a missing tooth is to use a dental implant which is topped with a dental crown. It looks and functions just like a natural tooth.