Sedation Dentistry Services At Biltmore Dental Center, Phoenix, AZ

Dentistry is entering a new era, advances in technology, techniques, and materials offer better solutions for dental health problems than ever before. Treatments such as full mouth reconstruction, smile makeovers, and complex dental work for those with significant oral problems are increasingly sought after. However, some patients avoid extensive treatment because they don’t have the time to make numerous visits to the dental office. Sedation dentistry is making multifaceted procedures convenient for even the busiest patients in Phoenix, AZ because it makes it possible to complete complex or multiple procedures in a single extended appointment.

Dr. Koppikar always strives to provide an unparalleled level of quality care, comfort, and safety for his patients. He has enlisted the services of a board certified dental anesthesiologist who is specifically trained in the safe and effective administration of anesthetics to patients who undergo oral procedures. Dr. Koppikar wants patients to be able to get all of their dental treatments done quickly and effectively.

High anxiety adults, individuals with physical or mental disabilities, and those undergoing prolonged or complex procedures are among those who can benefit from deeper sedation. The deeper level of sedation increases patient comfort and helps create better working conditions for the doctor, allowing him to provide patients with the best dental care possible.

Sedation is an ideal way for patients to be able to get the restorative or cosmetic treatments that they have been postponing. It allows more dentistry to be completed in fewer appointments, multiple or complex procedures that would require many appointments can be completed in a single visit. Because hours can seem like minutes to the sedated patient, they can tolerate long appointments without discomfort or dental chair fatigue. Additionally, their muscles are relaxed, so they aren’t stiff or sore after treatment..



A lot of people are afraid of getting any dental work done. Sleep dentistry is especially beneficial for patients who are anxious of dental work.

We have a dental anesthesiologist who is specifically-trained to handle pain management in patients who are fearful of dental pain and discomfort.

This allows for more dental work to be completed during one visit, even multiple or complex procedure can be done in just a single visit.

Patients are much more at easy and get their dental work completed in comfort without remembering the process.

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An additional benefit of dental sedation is that it leaves patients with little to no memory of the procedure due to the amnesic effects of the sedative. Many patients are much more comfortable with simply enjoying the results without remembering the process. This is especially beneficial for dentally anxious patients. Sedation has been used safely for many years in the medical field to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of those receiving treatment. Dr. Koppikar provides those same benefits to his dental patients. Please call Biltmore Dental Center today at (602) 954-8200 to see how sedation dentistry can help you.