Phoenix Patients Achieve Straight Teeth Without Traditional Braces

For as far back in history as 400 – 300 BC, the desire to straighten teeth or resolve certain dental issues as been contemplated, even by such philosophers and researches such as Aristotle and Hippocrates. Archaeologists have found evidence of such in mummified remains, which had metal bands encompassing their teeth. Some cultures, such as the Etruscans, applied dental appliances to corpses to prevent the teeth from collapsing in the afterlife.

It is thought that orthodontic treatment developed in the 17th through 19th centuries. Early dental pioneers in France used and enhanced a concept of a bandeau, from an iron insert to expand the arch of teeth to extraction of teeth to make room for proper development.

The science of orthodontics is attributed to the 19th century when leading dentists combined wire “cribs” and elastics to use mild pressure in increments to move teeth into proper positions. In the early 1900s, the American Society of Orthodontia was established, later to evolve as the American Association of Orthodontists.

The main elements of traditional braces include wire, brackets, and elastic that shift teeth in a specific direction. Braces were worn for a year or longer, with intermittent adjustments to continue progress.

Today, while conventional braces may still be an appropriate treatment in some cases, a host of more appealing alternatives has emerged. Cosmetic braces or alternatives continue to grow in popularity, alleviating the perceived stigma of visible and long-term wire bracket orthodontic treatment. At Biltmore Dental Center, serving the greater Phoenix region, Dr. Frost is recognized as a “Best Dentist” by consumers and peers.

Our gentle and friendly team believes in offering alternatives that fit our patients’ lifestyles. In addition to new technologies in standard braces, we offer Six Month Smiles, a cosmetic, tooth-colored, shorter-term orthodontic treatment, and Invisalign, clear alignment.

Invisalign is a popular, effective, and discreet way to straighten teeth in less time, without wires, using virtually invisible, comfortable, and removable plastic alignment trays that allow patients to eat and maintain optimal oral hygiene without food restrictions or challenges in cleaning between teeth. The alignment trays are changed every two weeks to move teeth gently and conveniently into the preferred alignment.

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