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Our Technology

Dr. Sameet Koppikar with digital x-rays device

At Biltmore Dental Center we use the latest technology to treat our patients in comfortable and relaxed environment.

Every treatment room has a personal entertainment system, so you can watch a DVD with headphones while getting a refreshing cleaning or a brighter smile! Please feel free to bring your own MP3 player or DVDs if you would like.

Biltmore Dental Center staff with new dental technologies

Digital X-rays – Digital X-rays help save time by producing images quickly and accurately. Digital X-rays can reduce the amount of radiation exposure by up to 90%.

Electric Handpieces – Electric handpieces are very efficient and quiet. They allows us to remove decay quickly and with minimal discomfort to our patients.

Intraoral Camera – This is a tiny camera that we use to take photos of our patients teeth. It magnifies images and helps patients understand their diagnosis in a visual way.

Sterilization – Biltmore Dental Center uses state-of-the art pressure and steam sterilization equipment. We take careful measures to ensure that the tools are fully sterilized between patients. Our equipment provides the most effective sterilization in the industry.

Credentials & Associations

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