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We keep Phoenix, AZ smiling with natural & holistic dentistry

smiling with natural & holistic dentistry

Dr. Sameet Koppikar and his team are dedicated to providing the healthiest form of dentistry possible. This holistic approach leads to vibrant smiles that contribute to overall wellness. Keep reading for information about some of the patient safety precautions & natural treatment options available at Biltmore Dental Center in Phoenix, AZ.

From diagnosis to treatment

X-rays are a vital diagnostic tool, giving the dentist a look inside teeth, bone, and soft tissues to intercept potential problems early – before issues become uncomfortable and expensive to repair. Dr. Koppikar uses digital dental x-rays, for high resolution images with dramatically reduced exposure to radiation (about 90 percent less than traditional film x-rays).

Are you looking for a mercury-free dentist? You came to the right practice! Dr. Koppikar offers safe alternatives to dental amalgam, a silver-colored filling material which contains about 50 percent mercury. An increasing number of health-conscious individuals are requesting removal and replacement of amalgam fillings, and choosing non-metal restorations for themselves and their children.

Choices in metal free restorations include composite resin fillings that match your own tooth color, and beautiful CEREC restorations.

Dr. Koppikar’s in-house CEREC machine mills dental crowns from solid blocks of lustrous zirconia. These CEREC crowns:

  • Look incredibly natural
  • Are strong and durable (suitable even for back molars)
  • And best of all are completed in a single visit!

You can learn more about CEREC technology on the Crowns/Bridges page of this website, listed under Services.

Natural & holistic dentistry: Standard of care in Phoenix, AZ

Holistic dental treatment is not a catchphrase at Biltmore Dental Center. It is part of Dr. Koppikar’s commitment to providing a level of care that recognizes the patient as a whole – not just a tooth to be fixed. It is performed with biologically-friendly materials and techniques designed to reduce toxic loads on the body. At Biltmore Dental Center, we believe that dentistry should “first cause no harm,” as it restores function and the beauty of your smile.

Isn’t it time for you and your family to start taking advantage of the wellness benefits of natural & holistic dentistry? Call Biltmore Dental Center in Phoenix, AZ at (602) 786-8212 to book appointments.


Patient Reviews

Great Dental Center Dr. Koppikar’s professionalism and patience with his work is exemplary. My experience with him was very pleasant and the procedure virtually painless. His clinic is well-maintained and his staff is very friendly and helpful. I have recommended Biltmore Dental Center to my friends and coworkers.

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