Love Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry in AZ

The popularity of cosmetic dentistry has soared in recent years as more people begin to understand the true value of a beautiful smile. Thanks to the advancements in dental technology, materials, and techniques, patients have a wealth of options to choose from for smile enhancement:

  • Dental implants topped with a porcelain crown can replace a missing tooth and never be discernible in your smile.
  • Teeth whitening can brighten your smile by four to six shades in as little as one hour.
  • Invisalign clear aligner trays can straighten mild to moderate malocclusion comfortably and discreetly.
  • Six Month Smiles can straighten the teeth that are visible when you smile in as little as six months with subtle white brackets and wires.
  • Severe misalignment can be corrected with traditional orthodontics, which are lighter and more comfortable than those of the past.
  • Beautiful porcelain veneers can give you a smile makeover in about two weeks. They can change the size, shape, or color of the teeth with natural looking beauty.
  • Porcelain Crowns can restore a damaged, misshapen, or discolored tooth, mimicking a natural tooth perfectly.
  • Porcelain Dental Bridges can be used to replace missing teeth, beautifully and affordably, when implants are not a good option.
  • White fillings made of porcelain or composite resin blend with your natural enamel, disguising the dental work impeccably.
  • Laser gum reshaping can correct a gummy smile, or the appearance of teeth that are too short.

Cosmetic dentistry can improve the confidence level and self-esteem of those who have been embarrassed about their smile, making it very beneficial for emotional health. However, it can be beneficial to the patients’ oral health. Many cosmetic procedures are restorative as well; correcting alignment, filling gaps, removing decay, and protecting weakened teeth are all terrific for dental health.

An additional benefit to cosmetic dentistry is that patients are so proud of their new smiles that they have a tendency to take better care of their teeth. They tend to be more dedicated to maintaining their regular dental visits for an exam and professional cleaning to protect their beautiful work. In addition, they usually practice excellent oral hygiene habits, to keep their smile at its best. Many patients have confessed they spend more time on their hygiene routine because they enjoy seeing their smile in the mirror!

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