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Implant supported dentures change smiles and lives in Phoenix, AZ

Implant supported dentures change smiles and lives in Phoenix, AZ

“What is the biggest problem you experience?” Ask that question of anyone who wears a denture and he or she will likely reply, “fit!” Conventional dentures are held in place only by suction. They tend to slip and wobble, rubbing sore spots and making it difficult to chew. Dr. Sameet Koppikar in Phoenix, AZ suggests a long-term solution. Implant-supported dentures are incredibly stable.

Replacing missing teeth with an overdenture

From the “smile side,” an implant-supported denture looks similar to a “floating” denture – it has white teeth and pink gum tissue. That is where the similarity ends. This specialized denture has attachment points built into the interior surface. The denture clips onto four or more dental implants placed into jawbone. While the prosthetic is removable, denture implants hold it securely in place. This type of denture dramatically improves oral function and comfort, and it looks natural.

An overdenture may replace an entire arch of teeth, or as a partial denture, it can fit around existing teeth, reducing need for extractions.

How Phoenix, AZ patients benefit from implant supported dentures

Fantastic chewing function, worry-free fit, clear communication, and realistic appearance are obvious benefits of an implant supported denture. However, there are other important considerations:

  • Bone preservation is paramount. Dental implants are small screw-shaped devices made of biocompatible material. They are precisely positioned in the mouth, mimicking roots of teeth. Bone integrates with implants, developing solid mooring for the denture. Each time you bite down, implants signal a need for strong bone, so the body sends minerals and nutrients to fortify bone mass. The lower portion of the face is less likely to sink inward and looked older.
  • An upper denture implant system does not cover the palate. The denture is lighter and more comfortable, and does not impair taste or temperature sensation.
  • While insurance plans vary greatly, a portion of upper or lower denture implants cost may be covered by your benefits. We are also happy to assist with application for a low-interest, flexible payment plan to manage out of pocket expenses.

If you are looking for “implant supported dentures near me,” your search is over. Call Biltmore Dental Center at (602) 786-8212 to book a consultation with Dr. Koppikar.

Patient Reviews

I visited Dr. Koppikar in response to a tooth ache in a molar which previously underwent a root canal. I contacted his office on Sunday night, and they got me in first thing in Monday morning, despite being a new patient. Ultimately, the tooth was extracted and I needed an implant, an unpleasant process which was made much easier by Dr. Koppikar and his staff. They are professional, knowledgeable, and I will be seeing them from now on, and will definitely recommend them to anyone needing a dentist.

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