Explore the Possibilities of Braces for Adults; Phoenix Has Some Great Options

You are never too old for braces; they have successfully corrected dental issues in patients 80 years young! It is true that after the teen years, the teeth are slower to respond to braces, but they do move. There are a variety of high tech braces for adults. In Phoenix Biltmore Dental Center offers several attractive options.

The stigma of adults wearing braces is outdated. Today, nearly half of all patients wearing braces are adults. Studies have made people more aware of the importance of a confident smile. Research has indicated an attractive smile is important to your personal, social, and professional life. People with great smiles are considered more intelligent, trustworthy, interesting, friendly, and attractive. We all want to be more successful in our lives, and a pleasing smile is an important attribute to possess. It can have a positive effect on our interaction with employers, friends, business associates, social contacts, and even neighbors. With the high tech options available today, it is easy to correct troubling alignment concerns.

A very popular option, especially with adults, is the Invisalign system. It consists of a series of custom fit trays that align your teeth slightly every two weeks. They are made of a clear, nearly invisible plastic and you simply pop them over your teeth. The only time you take them out is when you eat. You move on to the next aligner every two weeks as the teeth are gently moved into position. They are less time consuming, because a dental visit is only required every four to six weeks. The aligners are nearly indiscernible, so they can be worn at work and to social events without embarrassment.

Six Month Smiles is another popular option, they are faster than other braces because they focus only on the teeth that are visible when you smile. They use clear brackets and tooth colored wires, eliminating the metal-mouth look. As the name suggests, treatment can be completed in as little as six months.

If your alignment issues are serious enough that you need metal braces, don’t despair, they are smaller and lighter than what your parents wore and can even be attached to the back of the teeth.

It is time to stop procrastinating, call Biltmore Dental Center today for a consultation. Dr. Sameet Koppikar and his excellent staff will use their skill, knowledge, and experience to help you achieve the smile of your dreams!