Don’t let outdated myths prolong your pain

Many people associate a root canal treatment with discomfort, pain, and soreness; some even avoid treatment until the pain drives them to the dentist’s chair. The myths about the pain of a root canal are based on outdated dental techniques and technologies that most dentists no longer use. Yet, these myths endure and are still preventing patients from getting the treatment they need. Advances in dental technology have made getting a root canal as comparable as getting a tooth filled. In fact, most patients describe the procedure as “painless” after completing treatment and many of them FALL ASLEEP during the procedure!

Common Myths that still endure:

  • Root canal treatments are painful – The treatment relieves pain. With today’s extremely effective anesthetics, the patient is fully numbed. With advanced tools and techniques, the procedure is streamlined and is completed in a relatively short time.
  • Root canal treatment can make you sick – The treatment is safe and effective. The idea that a root canal leaves bacteria trapped and can cause illnesses such as arthritis, kidney disease, and heart disease is based on flawed research conducted nearly 100 years ago. Recent research has been unable to establish a link between root canal treatment and other diseases.
  • Root canal treatment requires numerous dental visits – The treatment can frequently be completed in one-two visits. Several factors affect the number of appointments, extent of the infection, shape of the tooth, and number of canals. A simple treatment can be completed in one appointment if your dentist has a machine that fabricates in-office crowns.
  • Root canal treatment doesn’t last very long – The treatment provides a permanent end to the pain. When protected by a crown and regular dental cleanings and check-ups, the restoration can last many years.
  • Extracting a tooth is better than root canal treatment – Root canals save your natural tooth. Missing teeth can cause multiple problems such as gum disease, misaligned teeth, and bone loss. Missing teeth can result in the need for more expensive and extensive dental work.

The signs of an infected tooth include recurrent pain, tenderness when chewing, extended sensitivity to temperatures, and swelling, among others. If you suspect you may have an infected tooth, seek treatment rather than suffering needlessly.

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