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Invisalign   •   July 25, 2019

Phoenix, AZ dentist explains how Invisalign helps improve your smile

When patients think of orthodontic work, they envision traditional braces with metal brackets and wires. This often keeps many patients in Phoenix, AZ from speaking to their dentist about their imperfect smile. However, thanks to advances in modern dentistry, patients have options to choose from to realign the smile. In fact, Dr. Sameet Koppikar is […]

Invisalign   •   June 26, 2019

Dentist in Phoenix, AZ explains the amazing health benefits of Invisalign

Everyone knows the power of a stunning smile. It exudes self-confidence, health, competence, and beauty. If you have crooked teeth and feel like they are holding you back, you may be wondering about your options for straightening your teeth. Fortunately, with the latest dental technologies such as Invisalign, getting that perfect smile has never been […]

Invisalign   •   March 12, 2018

Phoenix, AZ patients seeking braces ask, “Does Invisalign really work?”

Your smile and confidence levels are linked. A beautiful, straight smile can boost your self-esteem and make you feel better about yourself. However, for adults wanting to straighten their teeth, the idea of wearing traditional metal brackets is not appealing. Invisible braces such as Invisalign clear aligner trays are a popular treatment method for patients […]

Invisalign   •   February 2, 2018

Phoenix, AZ dentist compares effectiveness of Invisalign to braces

Countless people want straighter teeth. Many love the concept of transparent aligners, but are concerned whether the method is effective. Dr. Sameet Koppikar of Biltmore Dental Center in Phoenix, AZ shares this insight about Invisalign and braces. How teeth move Invisalign does not work better than braces, or vice versa. They are simply different techniques. […]

Invisalign   •   November 17, 2017

Phoenix, AZ patients can find Invisalign treatment at Biltmore Dental Center

Invisalign is taking the area of Phoenix, AZ by storm! This orthodontic treatment is a highly recommended alternative to traditional braces. Instead of using metal wires and brackets to reposition teeth, Invisalign uses aligner trays that are comfortable and discreet. Invisalign explained Invisalign is a revolutionary way of repositioning the teeth for a more beautiful […]